Our Commitment to Health & Safety

Scaffolding is crucial to almost every construction project - large or small.  It provides a safe working platform and safe access to building works.  And when tradespeople need to use scaffolding, you have to ensure it’s correctly erected and suitable for the tasks they will be carrying out.
All scaffolding supplied by MDS complies with current British and European regulations as well as the National Access and Scaffolding Confederation guidelines. We work to the following standards:

  • TG20.13 Good Practice for Scaffolding Contractors Using Tube & Fittings
  • SG4.15 Preventing Falls from Scaffolding
  • BS EN 12811-1 Temporary Works Equipment: Scaffolds

MDS Scaffolding Health & Safety Policy

Creating a safe working environment for both our employees and our clients is a priority. We proactively take steps to minimise risks and prevent accidents. We employ the services of an external and independent health and safety advisor to ensure regulations are complied with too. Our company health and safety objectives include:

  • Adhere to and wherever possible exceed recommended safety standards
  • Develop and maintain internal procedures and systems for strengthening and improving health and safety for our employees
  • Provide training and actively promote a health and safety culture within our company

For a copy of our complete health and safety policy please contact us